Artist Services

We mentor and coach artists on a 1-2-1 basis or in groups as well as presenting specific seminars covering a variety of topics that we believe are vital to artist development, musical development and successful career growth.

It is clear to us that more and more emerging artists want and need to self-release music, self-manage, and generally keep control of their own artistry and independence. Technology and the age of streaming has made this a very real and achievable prospect for artists and in fact it is becoming critical to success, especially at the early stages of their development. However, to do this effectively is not as simple as it might seem.

Trying to understand what labels, publishers, managers and the many industry service providers do for an artist in the ever-changing music industry, and then replicating this for yourself independently requires the development of knowledge, skill and effort. It also takes an understanding of your own artistry and what will work best for you. The artists who are capable of this have the greatest advantage in the future of this industry, and artists should consider the development of this aspect of their skill base as vital as having instrument lessons or gig rehearsals.

To find out how we can help you, contact us at, or see below for our services and upcoming events we are running:


1-2-1 Coaching


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We can guide you through your artist development journey, providing ongoing constructive feedback on your musical/creative journey, offer advice on planning releases, developing your live offering, digital marketing and fanbase building. Personalised to your specific creative and career ambitions and objectives.


Group Coaching


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This is similar to our 1-2-1  coaching, however, you might be in a band, duo or simply want to share the cost with a fellow creative/collaborator. 


Seminars and Networking


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We curate and deliver bespoke seminars on a variety of topics. You can either book via our 'Eventbrite' page or, you can book your place directly, via our website.

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